Santa Clarita Velo

Sportive Group


The Sportive Group is an introduction to riding in our peloton. No matter what your skill level, there is always more to learn; especially about what is expected from riders in "the bunch".

Our regular weekend club ride is a challenging road ride at a pace that may sometimes leave members behind. It can be difficult for a rider new to the area or to those unfamiliar with "pack riding". The Sportive Group will be a welcome, complimentary alternative.



The name has been chosen to imply a serious commitment to learning the sport and describes an opportunity to practice your skills, share your experiences, and not get "dropped". There will be a group leader and other volunteers from the Club to guide and instruct riders as needed in a friendly and encouraging manner.

The rides will follow some of the Club's typical routes, but at a more congenial pace. There will be some basic rules that riders will be expected to honor. This isn't to limit the opportunities to challenge oneself, but for the priority of group cohesion, predictability, and safety. And most importantly, enjoyment.


The special "rules" of the Sportive Group:

  • Riders will strive to ride together as a single peloton - breakaways are discouraged.

  • Riders should feel free to communicate their suggestions and concerns.

  • Caution over speed

  • The group leader will set the route, pace, re-group point, and stopping points.

  • The group leader may slow or stop the main peloton to let trailing riders catch up.

  • "No drop" means the group will wait at designated re-group points.

  • Please see the Etiquette & Policies page for all other applicable rules.