Santa Clarita Velo

Seth Totten

Seth Totten - 2016 Santa Clarita Velo Local Hero


Describe your involvement with Bicycling

My involvement with bicycling is best understood through my first involvement with bicycling. About 6-7 years ago I showed up for my first group-ride with the club, the Tuesday night World Champs. I was on a borrowed steel bike, with shifters on the down tube, in running shorts and shoes. I was stubbornly determined to do the ride, and so decided to sit a bike length off the back as to not disturb anyone. Once the pace got going on the Old Road I struggled to stay on the back, riding as hard as I could; I couldn't hold the last wheel. However, when we hit the hill in Castaic, I started flying past people. The more people I passed the more I was motivated to ride harder, so I pushed andpushed and caught everyone but a few guys off the front.  At the top of the hill under the pepper tree everyone in the group introduced themselves, and I was slowly accepted into the group. To this day my involvement has not changed; I want to challenge myself, ride hard, ride fast, (race past people when I can) and be a positive part of the cycling community.

Do you have a specific goal to achieve in 2016?

In 2016 I am working towards Olympic qualification for the 2020 games. It is a massive journey, that I will be biting off piece by piece. In 2016 I want to get some funding from USA Triathlon, and get enough points to be able to race world-cups next year. At this early point in my career its hard to put down a simple definite goal. My goals at this point are much more focused on growing in the sport, and tangibly improving as an athlete with each training block then winning a World Championship. Though hopefully that day will come.

How will the Sponsorship aid you in completing your goal?

The Sponsorship will be a huge help jump starting this year. I hope as the year progress and results hopefully also roll in, that I will be able to get aid from some athletic companies, but I need to pay some start up fees and this is hugely beneficial. With the funds I plan on:

-paying the entry fees for my first 4 races of 2016

-ordering my ITU legal race kit (surprisingly expensive)

-fulfilling some kit needs (running shoes, swim kit)