Santa Clarita Velo

Etiquette & Policies


Please read and familiarize yourself with the policies and practices of the Club before joining in.



  • Group safety is paramount at all times; you must have the basic skills to ride in a peloton to participate.
  • Be able to hold your line and ride at a predictable pace.
  • All riders must wear helmets without exception.
  • Please do not wear any headphones or earbuds in the peloton.
  • Bring your own support: Cellphone, Tubes, Air, Food, Water, Money, etc. There is no SAG.
  • You must have I.D. and observe traffic laws and speed limits at all times.
  • All riders must be on properly maintained bicycles.


Group Etiquette:

  • Please point out potholes and other hazards with an extended hand.
  • Signal all turns if there are riders or vehicles behind you.
  • A paceline should never be wider than two abreast.
  • The Club tries for tight rotations and echelons (rotation is always counter-clockwise).
  • The peloton will stop for mechanicals and flats; call out and signal clearly when you are stopping or have a flat.
  • Ride safely for your own protection and for the benefit of others; and remember to have fun!


club Policies:

  • You may be dropped; be familiar with the route home.
  • The Club assumes no responsibility for the riders, members, or guests.
  • Our rides naturally separate into ability groups as the rides progress.
  • The routes, although posted on the Ride Calendar may be subject to change.
  • If participating in our Sportive Group, please see the Sportive page for additional information.


Group Caveats:

  • Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport.
  • Any cycling related activity, including road cycling, and mountain biking (but not limited to such) involves risk.
  • There is a real chance that you may get hurt while cycling anywhere at anytime and these injuries could even result in your death.
  • The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club members are not and do not claim to be experts in cycling safety.
  • The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club cannot guarantee your safety while on your bike and riding with us.
  • Although open to public participation, The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club does not sanction rides; they are posted for reference only.
  • We make no claim to safety, control of attendance, or road conditions.
  • The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club does not assume any liability by your participation.
  • In no event shall The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club accept responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage you might sustain.