Santa Clarita Velo

Etiquette & Policies


The Club welcomes non-members on the weekend rides. Please read and familiarize yourself with the policies and practices of the Club before joining in.


Bicycling is a wonderful fitness activity, but it has its hazards. Riding in a safe group is a terrific way to develop your skills, and confidence on the bike. The Santa Clarita Velo has been on the road since 1991 and was the starting place for many of the excellent riders in Southern California.


  • Group safety is paramount at all times; you must have the basic skills to ride in a peloton to participate. (The Club offers ride clinics on the second Saturday of each month at 8:15am from Incycle for those new to group riding.)

  • Be able to “hold your line” and ride at a predictable pace.

  • All riders must wear helmets without exception.

  • Please do not wear any headphones or earbuds in the peloton.

  • Bring your own support: cellphone, tubes, air, food, water, money, etc. There is no SAG.

  • You must have I.D. and observe traffic laws and speed limits at all times.

  • All riders must be on properly maintained bicycles. (Incycle has offered a free tune-up to new members joining in 2019 - check the shop for details and schedule.)

Group Etiquette:

  • Please point out potholes and other hazards with an extended hand.

  • Call out and signal clearly (use simple phrases e.g.: “Car Back”, “Flat”, “Stay!”, “Rider Up”,and “On Your Left”)

  • The entire peloton will stop for mechanicals and flats. (Practice changing tubes expeditiously to avoid delaying the group - check out the clinics to be held on the second Saturday of each month for help with the best procedures.)

  • The paceline should never be wider than two abreast.

  • The Club tries for tight rotations and echelons (rotation is always counter-clockwise regardless of wind conditions).

  • Avoid creating gaps in the paceline; we ride better and faster as an orderly group.

 club Policies:

  • Be familiar with the route, especially the return home. (Each ride splits into ability groups, and there is always a range of fitness levels and experience; It is OK to elect to “fall out” of the group and ride at your own pace - please announce your intention if you do so.)

  • The Club assumes no liability for the riders members, or guests.

  • You may unintentionally fall behind the group,and thus “dropped,” as the rides progress. (Chose a wheel to follow that matches your goal for the ride. But some days are better than others; do not be discouraged if you find yourself uncomfortable with the pace at various points in the ride - look at this instead as a motivation to improve.)

  • The routes, although posted on the Ride Calendar may be subject to change.

  • If participating in our Sportive Group, please see the Sportive page for additional information.


Cycling Caveats:

  • Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport.

  • Any cycling related activity, including road cycling, and mountain biking (but not limited to such) involves risk.

  • There is a real chance that you may get hurt while cycling anywhere at anytime and these injuries could even result in your death.

  • The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club members are not and do not claim to be experts in cycling safety.

  • The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club cannot guarantee your safety while on your bike and riding with us.

  • Although open to public participation, The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club does not sanction rides; they are posted for reference only.

  • We make no claim to safety, control of attendance, or road conditions.

  • The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club does not assume any liability by your participation.

  • In no event shall The Santa Clarita Velo Bicycle Club accept responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage you might sustain.